The Boy in the Whale Suit is the thesis film for KiKi, Marie and Michelle, often abbreviated as MKM. The 8-minute film was created in the span of 9 months during their final year at LASALLE College of the Arts.  Marie hailed as art director cum concept artist cum storyboard artist; KiKi was in charge of texture, lighting, compositing and cloth simulation while Michelle singlehandedly animated every moving object in the film. (Lots of credits are also given to friends and coursemates who gave the film their time and skills.)

The film sets out to explore the theme of  recognizing unique qualities within individuals, even if the world overlooked them. 


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3 years after it's initial release, The Boy in the Whale Suit is now adapted as an illustrated children's book. 


It's a 32-page, full-colour, illustrated book adaptation by the lovely Marie Toh. You can check it out (and possibly purchase it) below. 

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